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‘I have been having counselling with Kym for several months and have found her to be caring, compassionate and incredibly easy to talk to.  What I have found most helpful is that, unlike other counsellors I’ve seen, she will give you a lot of very useful feedback.  It is almost like going to see a particularly insightful close friend rather than a counsellor.  I would definitely arrange an appointment with Kym in the future if I felt I needed it and would definitely recommend her to others.' 

'After struggling with disordered eating for over ten years Kym has helped me to change my perspective towards life, as well as issues surrounding food. She gave me the space, safety, knowledge and tools to start a journey of self-acceptance which allowed me to let go of the misconception that I would find happiness in thinness. The most important thing to me was that I felt understood, which is not something I have experienced with previous counsellors.'

'Kym silently and beautifully lets you know she has time just for you, her faith in you unquestionable, its presence sitting right there in the room guiding you. As you sit with her, her gentleness and wisdom seem to open this incredible space for deep and profound insight. It’s as if she somehow seeks out within you all those qualities you had wished for and struggled to find, until there they are right there in front of you. She coached me through all that was blocking me and in that moment she gave me wings. Its incredibly empowering. You know that you have been in the gentle hands of an insightful and empowering magician.'

'After experiencing dificulties in several parts of my life I decided to seek help. Kym was the first counsellor I've ever seen; I'm very lucky to have found a great counsellor straight away. I saw Kym, face to face, for several months and she is unquestionably easy to talk to. The great thing with Kym is that she is competent in lots of areas. She has given me a lot of positive/useful/truthful feedback as well as support on various subjects. She has helped where and when I most struggled in my life. Seeing Kym has changed my life because she re-focused me on who I want to be and how to achieve this. She has also taught me how to enjoy the present moment through mindfulness. I will most definitely see Kym again in the future and I would most definitely recommend her to others.'